We   help   you   design   and   implement   security   into   your   business   facility.   If   you have   an   existing   business   environment   and   want   to   do   something   about   security we can help there as well by undertaking audits and creating action plans. When   we   talk   about   business   security   we   mean   physical   security   and   business continuity.   With   careful   planning   you   can   design   security   into   your   infrastructure right   from   the   start,   not   as   an   add-on   that   people   ignore.   We   can   advise   on   good practice   from   simple   measures   right   through   to   ballistic   protected   vaults.   The   way that   you   design   the   buildings   and   infrastructure   can   have   a   considerable   impact on security effectiveness and costs. Many   organisations   do   not   have   the   luxury   of   a   “clean   slate”.   We   can   examine what   you   have   and   help   you   build   the   business   case   for   improving   your   business security.   We   have   done   this   in   geographic   areas   of   high   risk   and   also   in   the cramped confines of Financial districts. The     solutions     may     include     improved     surveillance,     monitoring,     structure hardening, operational procedures and many other techniques. We do not charge a fee for the initial survey. Contact us for detail.
Business Security
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