The   process   of   service   provision   often   involves   the   coordination   of   the   activities and   deliverables   many   external   suppliers   as   well   as   internal   personnel.   This   can lead    to    many    interdependencies.    We’ve    got    great    experience    at    provisioning telecoms, exchange feeds and market data. At   the   same   time   we   can   often   help   you   negotiate   highly   cost   effective   solutions on    behalf    of    the    client.    Often    this    activity    alone    can    save    an    organisation significant multiples of any fees that we may charge. When   a   trading   floor,   data   centre   or   office   is   operational   the   process   of   rolling   out Moves, Adds   and   Changes   can   be   highly   complex   and   require   careful   scheduling. It   can   be   a   costly   process.   Our   experienced   practitioners   can   help   you   improve existing   arrangements   or   implement   new   highly   effective   processes.   We   don’t believe   that   one   size   fits   all   and   we   will   help   you   produce   solutions   that   meet   the needs of the end client. We   are   good   at   sourcing   cost   effective   Telecomms.   For   example,   we   pay   less than   a   penny   per   minute   per   leg   for   high   quality   international   calls.   How   much does your business charge you?
Implementation, Moves, Adds & Changes
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