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Oaksys   Tech   Ltd   provide   highly   experienced   practitioners   to   help   you   operate, design,    build    and    project    manage    IT    Infrastructure.    We    specialise    in    Trading Rooms   and   Data   Centers.   We   have   a   great   depth   of   experience   with   many   year’s history of providing secure and resilient solutions for international locations. We   have   hands-on   experience   and   we   wear   bright   yellow   protective   jackets   and helmets as often as we wear business suits. We   have   many   years   experience   of   planning   and   handling   multi-million   pound projects.
Oaksys Tech Ltd
Link to trading room design Link to physical security in a trading room and data centre Let us help with moves , adds and changes more about education in security and data centre operations. Contact page for Oaksystech Ltd Trader Voice Services