Oaksys   Tech    Ltd    provides    training    courses    in    effective   Trading    Floor    Project implementation    and    management.    Many    skills    are    required    to    handle    such projects, we can assess those skills, provide metrics and then train. We   also   provide   training   in   the   design   and   operation   of   physical   security   for   IT Installations and Trading Rooms. During   the   course   of   projects   we   know   that   good   communications   are   essential. We    provide    training    and    mentoring    on    how    to    undertake    effective    project meetings. We will, on request, act as meeting facilitators or chairman. We   have   the   capability   to   act   as   a   publishing   house   for   technical   reference   books and   manuals.   Perhaps   there   is   an   area   of   business   or   technical   expertise   where you   are   an   expert?   Do   you   want   the   book   published   in   your   name?   Do   you   need bespoke training or procedure manuals printed?
Training and publishing
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Oaksys Tech also sponsors local community and small local business web sites such as www.brockley.com and Home From Home Dog Training.