Oaksys   Tech   Ltd   advise   their   clients   on   the   selection   of   suitable   premises   and then   help   them   design   the   infrastructure   to   meet   their   needs.   Often   this   will include   electrical   power   needs,   air   conditioning,   floor   loadings,   floor   layouts   and cable pathways. We   have   significant   experience   in   working   with   trading   desk   suppliers   in   getting the best design for multi-screen trading environments. We   provide   coordination   of   other   contractors   to   ensure   that   an   environment   is provided    which    meets    the    client’s    foreseeable    business    needs.   This    process often   needs   a   delicate   balance   between   the   building   structure,   project   budget, client requirements and project timescale. We   then   advise   the   main   parties   on   project   timescale,   spotting   the   conflicts   and helping    to    resolve    those    issues.    We    have    great    experience    in    dealing    with building   managers   and   landlord’s   agents.   We   know   that   sometimes   the   client requirements   will   change   during   a   project.   We   assist   in   managing   that   change process. We   like   to   say   that   we   work   from   bare   concrete   through   to   putting   the   mouse   mat on the trading desk. We   have   written   a   500   page   reference   book   on   this   topic.   It   is   called:   Creating   a Trading   Floor   ISBN13:   978-0749448387   which   is   available   through   Amazon    and other book sellers.
Planning and Design
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