Oaksys   Tech   can   help   you   prepare   for   the   early   stages   of   planning   a   trading   floor, office   or   a   data   centre.   We   have   a   framework   of   standard   questions   which   we   can easily adapt to most business scenario’s. We   will   help   you   define   how   many   people   and   how   much   equipment   you   want   to accommodate   in   the   target   building.   From   that   point   forward   we   establish   a change   control   process.   It   is   almost   inevitable   that   the   initial   estimates   will change.   Those   changes   can   have   a   knock   on   effect   which   may   require   changes   to project plans and budgets. We   will   look   at   your   projected   expansion   plans   and   help   build   strategies   for   the cost   effective   occupation   of   the   premises.   We   will   take   into   account   your   business demands for the quality of the environment. Taking    the    base    information    we    work    with    business    managers,    architects, premises    managers,    landlord    agents,    building    engineers    to    develop    detailed      plans   that   allow   for   the   demands   of   Information   Technology   and   Communications equipment.   We   will   assist   in   creating   office   floor   plans   and   data   centre   floor plans. At   this   stage   we   will   be   building   outline   power   budgets,   heat   budgets,   weight budgets,    noise    budgets,    cable    and    power    path    projections.    We    will    make suggestion to reduce the carbon footprint of your operation. We   will   also   help   assess   and   document   the   requirements   for   the   physical   security and business continuity aspects of the business.
Preparation - Basics
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